I’ve been working as a graphic designer for more than fifteen years, acquiring in-depth experience in my field, and broad knowledge working on Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Materialize, SASS and many others.

I comprehend shapes, light and colour, either in 2d or 3d format, and I have a trained eye for colour as well as photo editing and retouching. I am very experienced in advertising and commercial photography and I am familiar with the latest web/design trends, as well as, methods of applying them to my work. I use my imagination creatively, for designing and sketching out my projects. My ability to efficiently organize my work and to communicate with others, are both distinct characteristics of my personality. I put great emphasis on quality, detail and modern design.

I work accurately, and reliably, both within the framework of a team or independently, and most importantly, under time constraints/deadlines. I have a natural talent for easily spotting any kind of changes that should be made, in order to improve the final outcome of each project. My adaptability in rearranging and redesigning – when needed, as well as, finding alternative ways to work more efficiently, are the result of constantly adopting innovations in my work.

Logo Design

I prefer to design logos on paper, first, and then transfer them to my Mac where I do the editing and I add all the latest details, before presenting the final 'polished' result.

Graphic Design

A few samples of my work for game design, catalogues, packaging and various DTP projects.


UI Design

Web Design

Responsive websites coded with HTML5, CSS, Materialize, Bootstrap, etc

Game Design

Complex multilayered game design and animation.

Fashion Design

Please contact me to give you access to the whole section as the material is copyrighted and can not be published.

Food Photography

Food photography suitable for print or online use.


My photographic view on various subjects.

Video Creation

3d Modeling

3D designs/models for architectural use, desktop wallpapers etc


Feel free to email me (vasiliostakos[at]gmail.com) and tell me about your project you have in mind. Together we can find the most profitable solution that fits you best!